Hey hey hey all you wonderful, music loving people. Working on booking a spring tour through central BC and possibly Alberta. Stay tuned!

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Catch Mister Mojo in Victoria

Hi Everyone! Catch Mister Mojo as part of the City of Victoria's Summer Concert Series 2019 on Aug. 7 at the Cameron Bandshell. Time to be announced soon



Join Mister Mojo at Whole Foods Victoria for a Valentines Day cookie decorating event. Family fun with free cookie decorating for the kids and of course... live music

Jumbo, First Nations and the animals 


Here is a link to an article about the Supreme Court ruling that Jumbo Glacier Resort can go ahead and build in the Jumbo Pass, Kootenay region of British Columbia. It happens to be First Nations sacred land and a main migratory route for the caribou and grizzly bear. Although I am disappointed we must keep fighting.. We are all responsible for the state of the Earth for our future generations. A decision like this impacts all of us. We will keep doing all we can. Here is a link to my song Jumbo, recorded for a fundraising campaign and released on my first CD. 


JUNO submission 

Very happy to announce that I have submitted 'Mister Mojo Strikes Again!' to the 2017 JUNO awards. Nominations are announced in February. It is so fun to make music and share it with the world. Thank you all for your support and enthusiasm.

It's also exciting to share that I have been working on my third kids album. All the songwriting is finished and there are songs about a junkyard, a food fight, a magical leprechaun who makes rainbows, super duper hula hoopers and more.

Have fun! and will keep you all posted.

Mister Mojo


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Currently in the works as well is a Mister Mojo Colouring and Activity Book. It will be full of fun characters like Seneca the Squirrel, Tori the Tiger, Coco the Flying Monkey, Cap'n Biscuit, Ffermwr Iwan and many others.

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