Mister Mojo is a music guru!! Parents loved it, kids loved it. What an amazing energy his music created today!! Much thanks.

 Dixie Joy - Kootenay Kids Society

" I couldn't have asked for a better performer."

Mikhail S.

"...a first class entertainer"

Kootenay Library Federation

  "He came to the Grand Forks library this summer and did a stellar show for the kids. His music is upbeat and funny and his stage presence and rapport with the kids was fantastic." 

                                                                            Lizanne Eastwood, Childrens Coordinator, Grand Forks Public Library, BC


   "You know you've got something good when Mama can't get your music out of her head, and one of the last things her little girl says before sleeping is 'can we listen to Mr. Mojo tomorrow?'! Thanks for your gift of music and joy!" 

                                                                                                                                                                Jen A.  NELSON, BC


Hi Mister Mojo, 
   I just wanted to write you to tell you how much my two kids (and I) LOVE your CD. My cousin, who lives in Nelson, sent us the CD for Christmas, and it has been played 50 gazillion times since. My daughter (who is 4) has a different favourite song every few days; mostly it's the one that tells how to make cookies. My son (who is just 2 and can't speak yet) requests the first song (Mister Mojo) every 30 seconds by pointing to the stereo and saying "ha ha ha". They both love Jumping on the Bed, and dutifully obey the commands each time they listen to it. So thank you. It's great music, and besides that, great music for kids. 

                                                                                                                                                        Emily P., WOLFVILLE, NS